VOCALS: Ulf Blomberg
BASS: Hampus Mörk
DRUMS: John Andersson
GUITAR: Björn Isaksson
GUITAR: Erik Johansson


grace.will.fall was formed in Jönköping, Sweden at the end of 2002 with the basic, simple idea to create wild hardcore punk rock and have a blast doing it. We started of like most bands, did live shows, recorded demos and began to build a fan base

Late 2004 we released a 7” split with sludge crust legends Counterblast and in 2006 one more 7” split with punk/hardcore act M:40. During 2006 we recorded 12 songs by ourselves to become our debut album. We released the self titled album in February 2007 with a hell of a release party where guitars and stages were trashed, sound engineers pissed and the audience extatic. The album was extremely well received, and we were now prepared to take it to the next level. A European tour was done in support of the album, but due to label related issues and a hand injury the real blast had to wait until 2008 when grace.will.fall did 50 shows in 7 different countries and at the same time recorded songs for a 2nd album in between tours.

With the new label Midsummer Records the “Second Album” was released in April 2009, and once again we toured a lot through Europe. New countries, new venues and awesome new fans and friends. Later that year we ran into a little bump. Our bass player Axel since 6 years quit the band and we canceled some tours to figure things out. Before the end of the year Erik grabbed the four strings and as a finale we released a song on the Swedish label Halvfabrikat´s 10 year anniversary compilation.

In February 2010 we did a tour with the new lineup and everything went great. Short after this the German label Redfield Records released a 10” split with GWF and three other bands. The rest of 2010 was a bit slower and we took take time for songwriting and evolve as a band.

In February 2011 we released a EP called Punkjävlar. It contained four new song, three old songs that we tracked live in the studio plus a cover song on Eddie Meduza’s “Punkjävlar”. The whole thing was celebrated with a sold out release party at a small local club in our hometown Jönköping. We did one european tour this year and started to work on a new album. The first drum parts were tracked in june 2011. From here it slowed down again.

The end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 was mainly devoted to rehearsing and songwriting. Slowly, part by part the album started to take form until we decided that we should change the pitch of the guitars and bass, so we had to re-track it all. Since it started to get close to our 10 year anniversary we hooked up with our friends and family in M:40 and Counterblast, which  also had annivercaries at this time and booked a tour package with all three bands. It was a blast and especially the shows in Lidköping, Jönköping and Gothenburg made it all worth it. At the same time as the tour our long time fighter Samuel quit the band. It was great to have him on the tour to close the 10 year circle.

A gentleman called Hampus Mörk was keen to play bass with us, so Erik gave up the bass to take on the empty space after Samuel. Now, spring 2013. The album is almost done…