EP's & Compilations

Dimmorna Skingras

2016 Pike Records

Swedish punk compilation with 18 songs with bands like Grace.Will.Fall, Blåslampa, Fucktards, Shitfucks, Vinnarcirkeln, Soteld, Idiot Ikon, Åderlåta, A.R.S.E.L. and Murdering Murders

The Last Dance

Flexi 7" 

2013 Halvfabrikat, Midsummer, HoboRec

Split w/ M:40

The Last Dance

Split 10"

2010 Redfield Records

V/A - Lower Than Atlantis, Talk Radio Talk, Grace.Will.Fall, MNMNTS Split 10" (2010)

The Flood

Compilation 7"

2009 Halvfabrikat Records

Anhalt Anstalt

Split 7" w/ M:40

2006 Halvfabrikat Records

Moralens Stank

Out Of The Blue

Split 7" w/ Counterblast

2004 HoboRec

Last Kiss Goodbye

I Wanna See